• Amrakhand from Activ Milk

    Lets get a grip of this amazing amrakhand making process. Amrakhand is a seasonal dish of summer. It is widely consumed in Maharashtra but it has gained wide popularity over the years. Here we are learning how to make amrakhand using Activ Milk...

  • Delicious Chaas from Activ Milk

    We have been consuming chaas or butter milk in our indian tradition. Chaas is an excellent summer coolant and a great appetiser. Its refreshing, keeps the body cool and helps in digestion. Here we will get to know how to make chaas using Curd....

  • Making Sweet Lassi with Prime Milk

    Lassi is a sweet refreshing beverage. It works wonderfully on summer or when its hot. In north India, its one of the favourite beverages consumed. Lets learn how to make this wonderful beverage in a quick....

  • Making Thick Dahi with Activ Milk

    Dahi is one of the most widely consumed byproduct of milk. It has multiple usages. It has probiotic properties and its always good to consume it daily. But we always want our dahi to be thick just the way available in market....

  • Soft and Delicious Paneer

    We all love chewing soft paneer in various delicious recipes. Lets learn how to make using S.R.Thorat Prime milk. Paneer or India cottage cheese is enjoyed in various indian recipes. Panner is full of nutrition especially rich in protein. You can make various recipes like Palak paneer, Paneer Butter Masala or Shahi Paneer. You can also grill it or barbecue it to make tikkas and sandwiches....

  • Start your day with Oatmeal

    Oats with milk is one of the favourite breakfast in the west. It is a complete meal in itself. Having with silk milk, which is a low fat milk makes it perfect for those controlling their weight....

  • Sweet Shrikhand from Activ Milk

    The most mouth watering preparation made from milk is Shrikhand. People make it with many a flavours. This is one of the most refreshing sweet made from hung curd. Here we are going to learn how to make shrikhand with Almonds and Pistachios....

  • The Golden Milk – Making of a Immunity Booster

    Turmeric milk is considered one of the best immunity booster in Ayurveda. It has been consumed since ages. In these COVID times, it becomes essential to consume it to boost our immunity....

Activ is a whole milk with 3.6% homogenised pasteurised Cow Milk. Homogenization is a process of breaking down fat molecules in the milk so that they stay integrated.rather than seperating as cream. Its just the raw milk without any alteration or addition, and possess a creamier taste. Activ milk is perfect for malnourished people as it enhances your body’s ability to digest milk. Its perfect for making tea and beverages.


Silk is a low fat milk with 1.5% homogenised and pasteurised Cow milk. It is ideal for people who are specific with their daily fat and protein intake, as the milk is low in fat and high in protein. Silk milk is perfect for individuals who are on low fat diet and senior citizens as it enhances the ability to digest milk and benefit with appropriate calcium for bones.


Prime is a full fat 3.7% Pasteurised Cow Milk which has been heated to a specified temperature and time to kill any bacteria contained within the raw milk. Prime milk is perfect for Children. It helps in their health and overall growth.


Tea Top milk is a full fat milk by S.R.Thorat Milk Products. Pasteurised and Homogenised perfectly to be ideally used for preparing milk tea. It has a good balance of fat composition to give the creamy flavour to your tea and coffee.



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